Saturday, January 9, 2010


I can't believe this site is all mine to play with. Thanks Brother D and Ms. Bren and all the guys who built this site. I am honored by the place.

As my official MOZ blog I intend to use it to honor the podcast with zombie related posts from my medical perspective. I'll give you medical news when it is relevant, movie reviews when I see something interesting and in general just spread my thoughts here.

I also will use this as a site for more serious medical alerts when issues come up. As swine flu news was just breaking last year I tried to keep my analysis on the web for those who wanted my opinion to see. In the future when such events occur, I will use this site to keep the MOZ family informed.

What I will not do is type correctly, spell correctly, or use proper punctuation. I suck at those skills.

So anyone and everyone who is so inclined in the MOZ family, welcome to the Med of the Dead blog. And thank you for this great honor.


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